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I get a lot of questions about the name of this website. I guess I should have expected that, as it can sound as though I know everything about cycling. This is not my intention. I chose the title Mountain Biking Explained because it’s easy to remember, and sums up what I want to do with this blog –explaining the reasons why someone should get into mountain biking. In addition to providing reviews and ratings of mountain bike destinations and gear, I want to get more people into the sport. Ultimately when someone asks “Why Mountain biking?”, my goal is for this site to provide enough information and enthusiasm to motivate them to try mountain biking. So, in that sense, I do want to “explain” mountain biking, at least to the level of getting someone excited about it, as well as “explaining” why a more seasoned rider should visit a particular trail or try a new product. 

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I am a nearly 30-year-old who works in web development, and enjoys a good bike ride. I only really got into mountain biking in 2017, and have since fallen in love with the sport. What originally started as a weight loss strategy, has evolved into a hobby that I am truly passionate about. I just can’t get enough, from visiting a new trail, or catching up with my favorite MTB youtube channels, every day has some cycling related minor goal to meet. By the way, i did lose 40 lbs in 2017 by riding regularly (and eating less Oreos). Since then I let myself get too busy to ride as much as I should. By blogging, I intend to motivate myself as much as my readers to get back on the bike and get in shape. Join me on my journey in 2019 as I get back to the basics.