I am challenging myself (and you) to spend more time on the bike in 2019. While mountain biking is certainly my mainstay, I want to get more base miles in this year instead of falling prey to my overhyped view of how “busy” I am. So, commuting it is. Unfortunately, I do not have access to shower facilities at work at this time. I will probably address that by finding a very close-to-work place to take a shower and change, so I can ride in most mornings. Maybe a gym or a friends house. For now, I am committing to get dropped off and ride home at least 2 days per week.

I made my maiden voyage on Friday, and made the mistake of not bringing water. Not a good idea for a fat guy who hasn’t ridden much lately. The commute is only 5 miles with two small hills where I have to book it to keep from getting run over, yet I became extremely parched. A bottle of water will be coming with me from now on. The area immediately surrounding my house is not optimized for cycling, so the last mile and a half home is a little scary (no shoulders, blind hills). I may invest in a rearview mirror for my helmet, which I will of course review. Scratch that I just bought it on amazon.

I decided to go tis route to get more miles in without having to spend hours away from the family each day, or grind it out on the trainer. I want to get back in shape for the riding season so I can revisit some of my favorite places and actually have fun. Does anyone else commute in an area without bike lanes/paths? Are there any creative ways you have come up with to stay fit without spending “too much” time away from your responsibilities?