The Product

If you have ever ridden on the road, you know the feeling of constantly looking over your shoulder. Most drivers pay attention most of the time, but that isn’t good enough when your life is on the line. I decided to try out a couple of different options, since turning around messes with your balance, and can only be done so much while still paying attention to what’s in front of you. My first trial was the Life On 360  bicycle mirror from amazonI think it was 11 dollars when I bought it. 

The mirror was protected by a thick film that was easy enough to remove. The stalk is plastic coated metal wire, allowing for custom shapes and fitment. The downfall is the mount, which is a flat piece of plastic that velcro’s on to your helmet. Unfortunately, most of the surface on many helmets is not flat, leading to poor velcro performance and only partial adhesion. I guess you could hot-glue or screw this device to your helmet, but then you can’t put your helmet in a bag or store it anywhere very easily.

The Verdict

For the most part the mirror will stay attached to my Fox Flux 2018 helmet (which I love), but it nearly fell off when I hit a large bump in the road at speed. If I were going to rate the product on Amazon, I would give it about 2.5/5 stars because the design is so flawed that it cannot be used reliably. I would pay significantly more for a mirror that was more easily adjustable (like a slimmed down version of the legs of a gorillaPod tripod), that had a mounting system designed for a helmet. Maybe a concave velcro mount, or something that attaches to a standard goPro mount?

I think my next try is going to be an adjustable bar-plug mirror. I have Salsa Woodchippers so I don’t know if the angled drops will help me or hurt me there. When I get one, I will write a review for it as well. Maybe there are better options? I saw a hand mirror that looked interesting- let me know in the comments!