A lot of affordable bikes are coming equipped with ‘NX 11-speed’ and ‘NX 12-speed Eagle’ drivetrains these days. At $375 for a complete NX Eagle groupset, Sram certainly brings 1-by drivetrains into the realm of affordability for those looking to upgrade as well. I have had an NX 11-speed for about 18 months, with about 700 or so miles ridden on it. I clean and lubricate the chain, cassette and derailleur regularly, and have not replaced any of the parts (excluding gear cables). The shifting is crisp, the derailleur is easily adjustable, and the gear ratio is satisfactory for my riding style (30 tooth chainring, 11-42 cassette). I have found all of the components to be durable, though a bit heavy, except for the derailleur. For some reason, Sram chose not to equip this derailleur with traditional jockey wheels, instead opting for “12 tooth derailleur pulleys” that have no bearings, and large tolerance for side to side movement. This feature leads to slop in the chain side-to-side and doesn’t roll as smoothly as a bearing. I believe I will upgrade to a GX derailleur for that reason alone very soon, as well as a much needed chain replacement. If you are upgrading a bike from a 2x drivetrain, I would recommend the NX groupset, and then upgrade it piece by piece as things wear out. If you are considering replacing individual components, the GX stuff is not much more per piece, and is definitely a worthwhile investment. I’ve heard a lot of good things about 12 speed NX eagle, but don’t have any firsthand experience with maintaining it yet. I will update this article when I own it myself.